Catering Solutions Management
offering independent, impartial and confidential catering consultancy, audit and tender management services

An independent, objective and realistic assessment of your catering services and facilities


An operations review will be a detailed financial assessment of one month’s catering costs to analyse exactly

how the in-house department is managed, revealing a precise subsidy requirement. In conjunction with this, a

full service review will be undertaken which will examine the quality of service, its delivery, labour efficiencies

and the potential opportunities to reduce costs and improve the service to the end user.


In addition to the finance and service audit, we are also able to manage detailed consumer insight activities

which will reveal the precise requirements of the food service users.


Our operational reviews are tailor-made to each client requirement and objectives and will generally include

detailed evaluations of:

Once we have completed the review we will prepare a fully-detailed report with specific conclusions and


We can then assist in the implementation process of any recommendations to develop your operation.